The farmhouse "Rio Lunei" is located in Stella S.Giovanni near Albissola, Celle ligure and Varazze within the
Parco del Beigua in the province of Savona.


Some time ago farmers where living in the farmhouse called “La Beghina” growing a vineyard on the terraces producing an excellent wine.

Nowadays they grow all kinds of fruits in the huge orchard. There is an olive grove and some terraces with a market garden.

The growing method is organic certifyed by ICEA.


The cottage is surrounded by centuries old chestnut and oak trees (Quercus ilex). It is located in the middle of a beautiful orchard.

The forest is a wonderful place to wild pigs, roe-deers, squirrels, common buzzards.

The excellent location matches with a wonderful sea view.

The farmhouse is located in a strategic area not far from the sea ideal for people who like beaches and in the middle of mountains great for hikes.


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